Liquid Waterproofing Product

Liquid integral waterproofing compound for concrete and mortar.

Area of Application

Water reducing and waterproofing admixture for all types of concrete and mortar. It is used for waterproofing of concrete and sand cement mortar used in basements, roof slabs, screeds, water retaining structures, beams, columns, culverts, tunnels, sunken slabs, terrace slabs, water tanks, sewerage works etc.

Features and Benefits

  • Being a liquid it is easily dispersible & compatible with concete/mortar mixes.
  • Increases workability of the concrete mix without increased water content.
  • Compatible with all varieties of Portland cement including Slag Cement.
  • To be added to gauging water before adding to the mix required at a very small dosage hence convenient to handle and greater economy.
  • Increases cohesive property of concrete/mortars thus eliminating segregation and bleeding.
  • Minimises porosity & capillary action.
  • Rebound loss is low.
  • It reduces the permeability of water into concrete.
  • Reduces shrinkage crack development in concrete and plasters.
  • No added chloride.


200ml for 50Kg bag of Cement.


ZORROPROOF007L is available in 200ml, 1ltr, 5ltr, 20ltr, 50ltr & 200ltr.

Shelf life & storage

Shelf life 24 months from the date of manufacturing.
Store in a cool dry place in unopened condition. (Prevent from direct sunlight)