009c Zorrocrackfix

009C Zorrocrackfix

Crack Filler

Ready to use paste fill Cracks for Internal & External Surfaces in Plaster

Zorrocrackfix 009C is high quality weather durable acrylic based ready to use flexible putty which is easy to use for filling crackes in plastered surfaces because it has excellent bonding, ease of application, durability, water resistance & aesthetic.

Area of Application

  • Repairing of internal and external cracks in plastered surfaces up to 5 mm X 5 mm size.
  • Suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications wherever hairline cracks are observed.
  • It can be used for leveling the undulations of the un-plastered or plastered ceilings & walls before painting.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to apply by putty knife similar to conventional putties.
  • Accommodates slight movements in the cracks.
  • No Shrinkage.
  • Non Staining.
  • Single component.
  • For both internal and external surfaces.
  • Over-coatable by any type of water based paints after 24 hours.
  • For cracks in cemnet pluster upto 5mm wide.
  • UV and water resistant.
  • It can be used as putty on plastered surfaces in patch works.
  • It can be tinted using water based stainers.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Can be applied on damp surfaces but not on cracks with running water.


Approx. 25 RMT/kg for 5 mm X 5 mm crack depending on site conditions.


500gm,1kg & 5kg.

Shelf life & storage

24 months from the date of manufacturing in unopened containers. Away from moisture and heat.