Multipurpose Stain Remover

High quality detergent based cleaning and degreasing solution for mosaic, ceramic, glazed tiles, bathtubs, washbasin, privy basin and concrete.

ZORROCLEAN 013TC is a poweful but gently concentrated detergent based (mildly acidic) tile cleaner for tiles, wash basin, bath tubs, privy basin and concrete etc. Rapid removal of white yelowish spot/layer along with water stains over tiles, cement stains, grime, oil, grease, paint stains, moss and wax from concrete asbestos & ceramics.
Its unique formula is ideal for residential and commercial use.

Features and Benefits

  • Remove the most stubborn stains easily.
  • Does not damage joint between ceramic tiles, even those grouted with coloured products.
  • Fast acting.
  • Does not effect glaze of tiles.
  • Excellent tolerance to hard water.


4 to 6 m2/ltr dependent upon porosity & contamination of substrate.


500 ml & 1 ltrs.

Shelf life & storage

24 months if unopened.
Store in damproof covered shed/godown.